Nova Scotia, Canada – Day 2: Cape Breton Island / Cheticamp

Most of this day was dedicated to driving from Halifax to Cheticamp. It typically takes about 4.5 hours. However, it rained a lot and we stopped a few times along the way, which made the road trip a bit longer. Even with the poor weather, we got to see pretty places like this…

Photo credit: David Jones
Photo credit: David Jones

We made a rather serendipitous wrong turn in Whycocomagh. At this point, we were getting kind of “hangry” so I did a quick Yelp search and found that nearby Charlene’s Bayside Restaurant was not only open, it had very high reviews. We stopped. It ended up being a tiny place with a super-friendly staff and a nice view of the bay. We found out that Charlene’s was internationally renown for having the best seafood chowder in Nova Scotia! Of course, we had to have some. Both it and the homemade biscuit were delicious! NO potatoes in the chowder — all meat, including a huge lobster claw.

Charlenes Bayside Restaurant

With our blood sugar back in check, we hopped back in the car and continued our journey. Thankfully, the rain dissipated at this point and we were able to see more lovely views as a result. This was one of my favorites:


As we traveled north toward Cape Breton Island and approached Cheticamp, the geography changed quite a bit. The road hugged lands end, where there were no trees or shrubs, just craggy cliffs and a smattering of homes sprinkled about. Even with the cloud cover, it was so neat to see.

Cape Breton Island
Photo credit: David Jones

Upon arrival in Cheticamp in the late afternoon, we checked into the Baywind Suites, above the Harbour Restaurant and Bar. Our upstairs suite had a great view! It was appropriately named “Bayview”.

Baywind Suites
Photo credit: David Jones


Back outside, we walked around the little boardwalk and were rewarded with a nice sunset before heading downstairs for a delicious dinner.

Baywind Suites

Tomorrow we’ll explore the entire Cabot Trail.


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