Nova Scotia, Canada – Day 1: Lunenburg and Peggy’s Cove

“Nova Scotia? Why Nova Scotia???”

This is the response we typically heard after telling friends and family that we were going to celebrate our 12-year wedding anniversary there. In Canada. Yes, Canada!

I’ve always wanted to visit Nova Scotia and David really wanted to escape the ridiculous heat of Atlanta, so it seemed a good fit. And it was. Here’s why:

It’s beautiful, cool and the people are extremely friendly and polite …not to mention sympathetic (and mesmerized) by our insane presidential election. They welcomed us to move there if we wished! (We do not. 🙂 )

We flew from Atlanta to Boston, then from Boston to Halifax. The second leg was in a prop plane!

Halifax airport is a great little airport. We were able to get through immigration/customs, get our bags and pick up our rental car easily. The airport is about 30ish minutes away from Halifax, so off we went. It cost a “Looney” to go over the bridge. Luckily I packed some (super old) Canadian money that I still had from my college days.


We stayed at Homewood Suites and got a harbor-view room. We were rewarded with this stunning sunrise the next morning.


After breakfasting at the hotel, we headed down to Lunenburg, a picturesque, quaint fishing village. On the way, we stopped at Tim Hortons and I got a delicious coffee. As you can see, the leaves were beautiful too!


Lunenburg was really pretty — and the perfect weather made it even better!




After Lunenburg, we doubled back to make our way to the famous Peggy’s Cove. On the way, we stopped at a great restaurant called Rhubarb for lunch. Artwork abounds inside and the food was excellent.

Back on the road, we made a quick, impromptu stop at an interesting site. It ended up being a memorial for those who perished in the crash of Swissair Flight 111 back in 1998. The geography was  different and interesting here. There were tons of boulders, low-growing plants and very few trees, all with the beautiful ocean in the background. It was colder and very windy too.


From here we went to Peggy’s Cove, which was a real treat. The adorable village is teeny-tiny.


We drove out to Peggy’s Point Lighthouse and parked. From there we had a total blast traversing and climbing over the gigantic granite boulders that surrounded the lighthouse, despite the ominous warning…


Peggy's Cove


Afterward, we drove back to our hotel in Halifax and from there did a quick, albeit steep walk up to the Citadel. It was closed at the time but we still enjoyed the view from the entrance. From there we walked all the way down to the Halifax Harbourwalk.


…and boy did we walk there! Almost 5 miles worth. And for the day, we did over 19,000 steps — the equivalent of 8.25 miles!

Tomorrow we start making our way over to the Cabot Trail.


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