Battery Russell

Cannon Beach, Oregon – Day 2: Fort Stevens State Park

Day 2

The next morning we walked to Sea Level coffee shop by way of the beach. Amazingly, the sun was out and the wind had died down so it wasn’t nearly as cold as it was the night before. We saw that Haystack Rock was actually covered in green on one side and housed a zillion neat birds, including some Puffin!

Haystack Rock

After a yummy breakfast, we decided to drive back north about 30ish minutes to Fort Stevens State Park. This park is HUGE and has lots of neat things to explore. If you want to get up close and personal with the wreck of the Peter Iredale, go at low tide.

2016-04-26 10.56.24

The photo below shows ocean water in the support that used to hold one of its wooden masts.

2016-04-26 10.59.09

There are several Batteries you can visit, my favorite of which was Battery Russell. You could explore it inside and out, which was so interesting. Battery Russell

Battery Russell

Battery Russell

Battery Russell

Battery Russell

Battery Russell

From here we drove over to the West Batteries, Battery Pratt, Battery Mishler, the Steam Plant and Battery 245. You can’t climb on or in West and Mishler, but you can on the rest. Below shows  a nice view from 245 along with one of the guns.

Battery 245

Other cool things to see at the park are the viewing platform near the south jetty and the view from Beach Access Parking Lot D, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.

As you can see, it got quite gray and cold, plus we were starving after clambering all over wrecks, batteries and beaches all day. So, we drove back to Cannon Beach and walked over to the Cannon Beach Hardware and Public House for a relaxed, late lunch. The place is an amalgamation of hardware store, restaurant and bar (aptly named “Screw and Brew). The food and the staff were really great.

We took one more long walk on the beach, this time down toward the inlet. Oddly, there was a lone, beautiful rose on the sand. I wonder what the story was behind that?

Cannon Beach Rose

We made our way back to the hotel by way of the adorable town and window-shopped the whole way. It’s very quiet in the off season, but we like that. 🙂


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