Haystack Rock

Cannon Beach, Oregon – Day 1: Haystack Rock

So a few years ago, I was working out at the gym and on HGTV there was an episode of House Hunters that featured Cannon Beach, Oregon. I had never heard of it before, but I was impressed. When I came home, I told my husband David about what I saw and learned. He looked it up and thought it was cool too, so we added it to our list of places to visit. Lo and behold, we had the opportunity to visit it last week! It was a combined birthday trip to ourselves and a great trip – one in which I’ll let the photos (mostly) speak for themselves. However, I’m going to provide some advice and tips that will help others should they decide to visit this beautiful place.

Day 1

We flew to Seattle, WA from Atlanta because it was quite a bit cheaper than Portland, OR. We rented a car from Sixt (they offer amazing deals on very nice cars) and began our drive south to Cannon Beach. It’s a little over 3.5 hours and an easy trip.

We stayed at the Surfsand Resort, which is ideally located in town and right on the beach close to Haystack Rock. We opted for a beach front king suite, which had the bedroom in the back, a large bathroom with huge tub in the middle and a living area up front. The living area had a desk, wet bar with fridge, coffee-maker, dishware and utencils. It also had a nice gas fireplace and TV. The balcony overlooked the beach and ocean.

Surfsand Resort Beachfront King Suite

We got a surprisingly good dinner at the Wayfarer Restaurant next door. It was expensive but it hit the spot after a long day of travel. Their clam chowder is very good and I enjoyed my Razor clams.

Taking advantage of the sun being out, we then took a walk on the beach down to Haystack Rock. It was FRIGIDLY cold with the wind chill, but gorgeous nonetheless.

Haystack Rock

Stay tuned for a bunch of adventures on Day 2!


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