Costa Rica – Day 4: Pura Aventura Zip Line Adventure

Remember how I mentioned it is the rainy season? Well, we awoke to more rain. A LOT of rain!

rainy tamarindo

We were scheduled to be picked up for our zip line adventure at 7:30am and were worried. David wondered whether we should cancel. I hesitated though. It wasn’t thundering and it was warm out. We were in COSTA RICA(!) and I felt like we should go on the zip line adventure, downpour or not.

So, our driver came to pick us up promptly at 7:30am and off we went. As you can see, our road was now a muddy river!

Muddy Tamarindo

Our driver was able to get through all the mud and high water, thank goodness. He began heading inland and as he did so, the rain started to dissipate! We chatted with him and he told us that it was not raining at the location where we would be zip lining. Hooray! He also told us he was picking up another couple that was going to be zip lining with us. Cool! We traveled off the main road and onto several unnamed dirt roads that took us to the top of one of the mountains. At the top stood the beautiful Los Altos de Eros boutique hotel where we picked up the other couple, the very friendly and vibrant Eddie and Jameela. They spoke excellent English, so we asked where they were from. Get this. They were from ATLANTA! They are both doctors who lived only about an hour and half away from us on Lake Oconee. Small world!

So off we went to zip line together at Pura Aventura. We arrived at this gorgeous ranch to sign our lives away and suit up. All with NO RAIN! Yippeeee!

Pura Aventura

Our guides helped us put on our hard hats and harnesses, then we climbed into their old diesel Isuzu NPR flatbed truck outfitted with wooden bench seats.

Pura Aventura outfit

The truck took us through the pretty green pastures filled with sweet faced cows and sheep. We meandered our way up to the top of the mountain. There, we got out of the truck and went over important safety rules and soon climbed onto the platform for the first zip line. It was 400 meters long! It was amazing and exhilarating to “zip” above the tree canopy! We each took turns flying down each one. The guides made sure we were safe AND that we laughed and had an awesome time.

Here’s me on the 600 meter zip line!

[vimeo 144310823 w=720&h=405]

…and here is David on a doubly-fun ride!

[vimeo 144311633 w=720&h=405]

Jameela did an amazing long run upside-down which inspired me to try it upside-down too. What fun!

Playa Aventura upside down zip line

We did 11 zip lines on our adventure and had such a blast. Here’s a picture of David, me, Jameela and Eddie at the very end, sweaty but oh so happy!

David Wendy Jameela Eddie Playa Aventura

Check out this awesome tree. Believe it or not, it is all one ficus tree.

Ficus Tree Play Aventura Costa Rica

We all climbed back in the truck to make our way back to the main building. About half way there, I spotted a monkey in one of the trees! monkey playa aventura

Back at headquarters we relaxed in the open-air pavilion upstairs. There they gave us a cold water and a plate of refreshing fruit. We also discovered we were not alone as we spied this big ‘ol iguana climbing up a tree outside the pavilion!

Getting used to such things, we happily chatted with Jameela and Eddie as we enjoyed our snacks, and soon after we all piled back in the van to go back to our respective lodging. Jameela and Eddie got dropped off first. We said a heartfelt goodbye to our new friends and then we headed back to Casa Cook.

We were delighted to find that all the rain had stopped in Tamarindo! We were super-hungry so we cleaned ourselves up and then walked a few doors down (via the beach) to Langosta Beach Club for lunch. I guess because of the rain, we had the entire place to ourselves!

Langosta Beach Club

David had Tuna Provencal and I had a Capresse Goat Cheese Salad, both of which were really delicious.

Langosta Beach Club food

After lunch, we were walking on the beach to make our way back to Casa Cook, when a coconut vendor walked up and asked if we wanted a coconut. I had seen several people walking around and enjoying these. I was curious, so I got one. Dude opened up his cooler where he had several coconuts, he grabbed one and then took out a machete and in one quick movement, he “popped” the top, but not all the way off. He put a straw in it and handed it to me. Voila! A refreshing coconut water in its very own receptacle. I LOVED it! It was cold and delicious and best of all, for real!

When we got back to our place, I scooped out some of the coconut meat and that was just as yummy. It was so neat to enjoy a real coconut!

We chatted with our neighbors for a bit, an adorable newlywed couple, then we took another long walk on the beach. We explored and chatted about our adventures, observations and life in general. Good stuff. Back “home” we got ready to go to dinner while watching the Miami evening news. So weird!

We, once again, took the beach route to Tamarindo where we went to Bamboo Sushi. We heard great things about this place, so it was time to check it out. It was neat inside!

Bamboo Sushi Tamarindo

Our sushi was excellent… and pretty too! If you go, know that the rolls are HUGE! Do you see how many pieces you get with just one roll? Luckily, our newlywed neighbors forewarned us of this so we knew to order appropriately. Three rolls was plenty.

Bamboo Sushi Tamarindo

After a nice dinner, we walked back down to the beach and where we were treated to yet another beautiful sunset.

Tamarindo beach sunset

We finished off our evening with a cool dip in the pool. One of my favorite parts was when we floated on our backs and stared at the stars.

casa cook pool

It was our last full day in Costa Rica and we loved it. We’ll certainly be back!


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