Costa Rica – Day 3: Surfing and Lola’s at Playa Avellana

It’s our 11-year wedding anniversary today! Even though it stormed hard all night, we awoke quite early once again. We made coffee and took a walk on the beach to witness the results of the torrential rain. Lots of washouts, as you can see. beach post rain storm

We found this big ‘ol crab and thought he might have perished. Using a stick, I stretched out one of his legs and all of a suddenly he came to life – yay! He was alive after all!


When we got back, we discovered we needed more bottled water, so we  drove down the crazily mud-bogged street to the store. It was around 6:30am but the store didn’t open until 7am, so we decided to drive over to the river inlet to see if anyone was surfing there yet. There were several rebels out there taking advantage of the incoming tide. However, after all the rain, the water was quite brown with sediment. David kept saying he had no desire to go out there. He said he didn’t want to “get the Hep”. Must be a surfer saying.

We drove back to the store at 7am, but oddly, it still wasn’t open. Figuring it was a more laid back country, we thought they might open a few minutes later. We saw a few more people try to go in the store, but to no avail. One guy yelled something in Spanish to one of them but we didn’t understand. David got out to investigate. He looked inside the front door and saw that the whole place was FLOODED! It was obvious it wasn’t going to be opening anytime soon.

There is another store we had seen on the peninsula, so we tried that one. It was open and dry! We got water, eggs and a few other things. Back at the cabina, David made us awesome breakfast sandwiches. YUM! Soon after breakfast, David was energized and couldn’t stand it any longer… he HAD to go surfing. I went out and tried taking some pics from shore but it was useless. So, I ran back to the house, changed into my bathing suit, grabbed my boogie board and the water camera and went out to join my handsome hubby.

As I stepped out the door, there was Buddy the cat. Buddy is one special dude. He is an old guy who will be 16 years old next month! He ONLY drinks water from the foot wash spigot and he was asking me for a drink of water. Of course, cat-lover me had to stop and appease him. He does this EVERY day! He’s hilarious!

[vimeo 143952874 w=500&h=280]

Once Buddy got his fill of fresh water, I jumped in the ocean. Out in the water I was able to finally take some decent pics of David surfing!

David surfing


David surfing

Below, he’s being Mr cool surfer dude. Ha ha!

David surfing

Awesome beach hair in the below pic!

David surfing

After the morning surf session, we got cleaned up and David took a nap in the AC’d cabina while I laid in one of the hammocks on the beach. I almost fell asleep too. Amazing considering I very rarely nap!

We had already accomplished so much in those early morning hours, and David awoke from his nap with an appetite. It was time to drive to Playa Avellana to check out the infamous Lola’s.

We jumped in the car to drive to this famous place, a lonesome eatery located on a gorgeous beach famous for epic surfing. It was about 40 minutes away, and the roads were pretty awful from the bad weather the night before, but we continued on. The weather went from being sunny to overcast, but it wasn’t rainy. Yet.

We arrived and walked the beach for a bit and watched some of the surfers.

Playa Avellana

Lola’s was delayed in opening due to the terrible weather from the night before. So we went upstairs where there was a nice breeze and view through the palm trees.

Lolas 2nd floor costa rica

lolas 2nd floor

lola's 2nd floor

The food we dined on at Lola’s was the best we had (and almost all the food we had in Costa Rica was delicious.)  David had Ahi Poke and I had fish tacos.

Lolas costa rica

Right after we finished eating, it began to pour. Nice timing! We wish we could have stayed longer but the weather wasn’t cooperating. With fully bellies, back to the cabina we drove in somewhat of an off-road, yet on-road manner. I was thankful for David’s driving prowess.

It rained the rest of the day and into the night, darn it. David napped and I read. We braved the downpours to go to dinner at Patagonia Argentinian Grill …a place that everyone raved about to us, but our dinner was just OK. On the way home, we stopped to get dessert to enjoy later. Back at the cabina, we opened up the futon in the living room, turned on the cable TV (we don’t have cable at home, so this was a luxury!) and indulged in our desserts. Happy anniversary to us!

Tomorrow we were scheduled to leave at 7:30am to go on our zip line adventure. I was worried that the weather was going to continue to be poor. Was it? Oh yes. In fact, it was worse! Stay tuned to find out how we handled the adverse conditions. Wheee!!!


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