Bora Bora – Day 6: Hanging out at Le Meridien resort

We are still so sunburned! After breakfast I called the spa to see when the next openings were for their “Sun Therapy” sessions. An open appointment wasn’t available until the next morning but we went ahead and booked it anyway ’cause we were hurting! Thank goodness it was easy to stay out of the sun this morning, as there were several spotty showers. Of course, intermittent sun and showers bring more rainbows! David took this amazing photo of me on the deck of our bungalow. If you look closely, you will see two rainbows… one of which ends at my head!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlso, you can see how burnt my arms are. There is a definite line showing where my rash guard sleeves were. Tssss

After a while, the pull of the beautiful water compelled us to go for another short swim. You just can’t resist it! Luckily, it was still partly cloudy and if the sun came out, we planned to take cover under the bungalow. I know, I know, the sun reflects on the water blah blah. We didn’t care. We were here and were going to take advantage of it! As we snorkeled and swam, David found a neat empty sea urchin shell. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI took the shell and placed it 10-ish feet down on some rocks directly under the glass floor of our bungalow. That way we could view it from the comfort of our “home”! Also, from our deck earlier, David thought he had spotted our friendly cushion star. It was on the move and looked to be about 20 feet away from our hut. I swam out to where he thought it was and found it! I dove down and got a pretty good picture. Interesting, huh?!?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASoon the sun revealed itself in full force once again, so we got out of the water and headed for the shady shelter of our deck. You can see that when the sun is out the water positively glows with an incredible blue hue.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHousekeeping came so we left to fetch some fresh beach towels at the activity hut and get our spa voucher at the front office. By the time we got back to our bungalow, housekeeping had finished and we were hungry. We really didn’t want to go back to any of the on-site restaurants, as they are soooooo expensive. I looked at the room service menu and was surprised to find delicious options that were actually CHEAPER than going out! We ordered cheeseburgers and were delighted to have the food arrive quickly. The burger was big and came with all the trimmings and tons of fries. All of this for less money than going out to eat!!! What a pleasant surprise!

We chilled out for a while after our early dinner and then decided to go for an exploratory walk. My goal was to get away from the lagoon side and see to the actual ocean side of the island. We made our way via a somewhat ‘secret’ path that led to the resort’s helipad. At the end we were rewarded with a interesting coral shoreline and a beautiful view of the South Pacific.




We were the only ones out there and it was really cool to see the waves and explore the craggy rocks. This area was also next to one of the inlets connecting the ocean to the lagoon so there were a lot of interesting things to see in the water, including many sea urchins. After our explorations, we made our way back to the resort as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful evening. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know it is hard to see, but I was able to carve “DJ + WP” in the heart. ❤

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABack at our bungalow, I was able to capture one more shot in the fleeting twilight. We hung out on the deck and listened to live music from the Intercontinental resort next door. It was a lovely end to a relaxing day. Tomorrow would be our last full day and we were looking forward to our couples Sun Therapy session at the spa. There was A LOT of cucumber involved with that! Get the scoop on Day 7 for more info on that…






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