Bora Bora – Day 5: Snorkeling – Reef Discovery Tour

Today we went on our second activity, a snorkeling adventure through Reef Discovery. Even though it was raining, we grabbed our snorkeling gear and some beach towels and headed to the dock to catch our ride. Soon, a nice motorboat arrived with our guide, David (!) at the helm. He was a Frenchman and thoroughly knowledgeable about all the great places to snorkel around Bora Bora. In fact, we were quickly whisked away to go see Manta Rays on the northern part of the island… and we found one!


This Manta Ray had a wing span of a little over 6 feet! You’ll note that part of her backend and her tail are missing. Apparently this injury was the result of a shark bite that happened sometime in her past. She didn’t seem incapacitated from it and she swam/glided around just fine. It was a beautiful sight!

After this the weather cleared and we found a school of dolphins. We followed them and they put on a great show for us as they jumped out of the water. It was challenging to get them on film but here’s a very short clip David was able to get.

The dolphins moved on and thus, so did we. Next we went to a popular snorkeling spot where there were lots of really pretty fish and a MORAY EEL!!! Our guide actually got him come out from the rock he was hiding in by trying to hand-feed him. This video is shaky, but you’ll see the eel actually come out and bite the tip of our guide’s fin and then skulk back to his hiding space in the rock!

We then traveled to another part of the island to a beautiful coral garden. Here’s a short snipit of that:

After our adventures in the beautiful coral gardens we headed back “home”. Even though I had doused myself in sunscreen, I was SO burnt from being outside all day! In fact, David was too (and he never gets burnt!). We showered and stayed out of the sun for the remainder of the afternoon. We were looking through the glass floor in our room and found our starfish-y friend, who was now traveling up one of the piers that was holding up our hut. Can you spot him in the below photograph?IMG_2459Come to find out from our French guide earlier in the day, the creature was actually a “cushion star” and common for the area. Oh well. So much for us thinking we found a spectacular new species of underwater critter!

That night we went to dinner at La Trattoria (or what I commonly call “The Purple Rocking Chair Restaurant”). The food was OK, but it sure was incredibly expensive for what we got. By tomorrow, I’ll have figured out a new trick to battle the food budget. Stay tuned for more on that!


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