Bora Bora – Day 3: Our first full day at Le Meridien

Wow, it is already getting bright outside? I got out of bed at 4:30AM, made some coffee, threw on a robe and went out on the deck to watch the sunrise. There was already a warm breeze, which felt oddly comforting at that early hour of the AM. IMG_2275

David joined me out on the deck about an hour later. The sights and sounds we experienced on our first morning were interesting. In the distance we could hear a dog barking and a rooster crowing. Closer to “home” was water lapping on the pilings as the motor boats and ferries rumbled by. Having coffee on the deck became a wonderful daily ritual for us that we enjoyed profusely!


Breakfast was scheduled to start at 6:45am, so we got dressed and made our way to Le Tipanie restaurant for the buffet. The package deal we got from provided free breakfast for each day of our stay and we were thankful. The buffet is HUGE. There was lots of hot and cold foods, baguettes, croissants and fruit. There was even herb-infused honeys! My favorite were the homemade crepes. The chef made them fresh right in front of me and they were so delicious! Meals are incredibly expensive in Bora Bora, so we learned some tricks to offset so much money going toward food, one of which was to fill up on a good breakfast every day! In fact, here’s me at breakfast sipping my “white coffee” as the fish in the lagoon beg for food. It was so crazy to eat our meals in an open-air environment and have the fish be so close. They made for great AM entertainment!IMG_2502

After our “breakfeast” we walked around and explored the resort some more and then went back to the bungalow. Pretty soon, we couldn’t resist the pull of this amazing aqua agua! IMG_2322Swim time. 🙂 I must add that before our trip to Bora Bora, David and I went to Aquatic Explorers Society shop in Lawrenceville. We wanted to get good snorkels and masks that fit well and provided the assurance of knowing that only OUR mouths touched those mouthpieces (as opposed to rentals or the hotel-provided gear). The folks at AES were great. We were able to try on the masks and find ones that were fairly comfortable yet fit well. Now was the time to put them to the test! Down the stairs into the water we go.


Being in this amazing water was like swimming in the Fountain of Youth! Once in, I turned into a little kid. Everything was so cool and neato! We could see so much with our masks. David got an awesome underwater camera, an Olympus Stylus TG-2 iHS. We had GoPros but they didn’t do well on our last snorkeling adventure at Dry Tortugas. Plus, you could actually check the screen of the Olympus to see if you got and/or liked the image and video you captured. Anyway, we were having tons of fun with the camera and ended up playing fetch with it. We took a bunch of movies of us fetching it after letting it sink to the bottom! My favorite is this one:

After swimming we hung out on the deck for a bit. It was so lovely and I was happy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe chill time didn’t last long. 🙂 We wanted to see more fish, as there weren’t too many by our bungalow.

Off to our resort’s beautiful lagoon we went! You can see it below behind the hammock… which was mighty enticing too mind you, but we stayed the course. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I changed into rash guard and board shorts and slathered myself in SPF30 to help ensure I wouldn’t burn. We grabbed fins and beach towels from the gear hut and in the water we went! We snorkeled though the entire lagoon. It was such a cool experience! Here’s a video David took of some of what we saw.

A lot of these fish are the same ones that hung out with us at breakfast! The coral was pretty too. We found the best viewing spots were by the restaurant, chapel and the bridge. It was fantastic to explore!

Afterward we headed back to our bungalow and got cleaned up. It was late in the day and after alllll that activity we were hungry. We decided to grab a late lunch from one of the other restaurants at the resort, Te Ava. I affectionately called it “The Purple Rocking Chair Restaurant”. Yep, all the chairs were big purple rocking chairs…and the floor is sand! It is open air and we felt lucky when we got underneath the thatched roof just as a rainstorm came. We sat down and our waitress brought us some bread…in a shell! You can see the cool purple rocking chairs in the background too.IMG_2355

David ordered a well-known local dish called Poisson Cru, aka ‘Ota ika. It is a Polynesian dish, similar to Latin ceviche, consisting of raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk. It reminded us of Hawaiian Poke and was really tasty. I foresee us making it at home in the near future.

We chilled out the rest of the afternoon and went for a walk around the resort that evening. Even at night it was pretty.


…and we even found a new friend!


Exhausted, from a wonderfully fun, full and active day (and still jet lagged) we collapsed in bed early. Tomorrow is our 10-year wedding anniversary!!!



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