Bora Bora – Day 1: Travel from Atlanta to Los Angeles

Note: I have been quite remiss in blogging about our travels (Hawaii, Las Vegas, Napa, Key West (twice!), etc.) and other various cool experiences and adventures from the past few years. Apologies for that! Several people have asked me for details about our Bora Bora trip, so I decided to fire up the old blog again. I’ll write one post for each day of our trip and share stories, tidbits and pointers that may be helpful to anyone who may want to visit this amazing place.

10/17/14 – It was finally time to head out for our bucket-list trip extrodinaire! Bora Bora in French Polynesia is an absolutely gorgeous, volcanic island with crystal clear, blue water and amazing, luxurious huts OVER the water. We made it a point to experience it for our 10-year wedding anniversary. An epic vacation destination often requires epic travel and this trip was no exception. The plan was to fly from Atlanta to Los Angeles, then from Los Angeles to Tahiti, then from Tahiti to Bora Bora, at which point we then take a ferry to our resort. We had booked our trip through and they arranged everything except for our travel to and from LAX. My husband, David, splurged and got us first class tickets on Delta for those legs. On the way out, we actually sat in Business Elite which were awesome pods! The chairs are massagers, had foot rests and can lay flat into a bed.

IMG_2224So, the flight out was quite comfy. Perhaps that was the 2 glasses of Chardonnay at work though. 😉 Nonetheless, we ate well and watched movies. I even watched Sixteen Candles – a flick I hadn’t seen in ages!

Once we got to LAX we deplaned and made our way outside. We had to walk quite a way outside to get to the International Terminal. I had to do the same when I went to New Zealand a few years a go so I’m glad I remembered to just keep on walking! Once at the international terminal, we found ticketing for Air Tahiti Nui and got checked in and then made our way to the gate. We again walked seemingly forever. We followed signs for our gate and noticed that wide, expansive walkways were now becoming narrow hallways and passages. We finally entered a very large, very empty gate area. There were only a few people there and I actually spotted a mouse as it scampered through the cavernous room! Here’s a pic I took of the gate area. You can spot David seated toward the bottom of the image.


Crazy, right? It gets more interesting! After a couple of hours, the room was packed with people. When it was time to board, we didn’t file into a jetway. We got on a gigantic BUS (one of those ones that flex in the middle). We were packed like sardines in that thing! The ride lasted quite a while and I wondered where the heck we were going. Finally the bus came to a stop and we got out and walked into a small building. We “sheeple” all walked up a circular ramp, that eventually brought us to the top of the building, where we actually did board our plane. We were in Economy class but sat together with me by the window and David by the aisle, which was great. Also, we had enough room in the overhead bin for our bags, which was a huge relief. I neglected to mention how critical that is. We always travel light, with one TSA-approved roller bag and one “personal item” (a backpack) each. We refrain from checking luggage whenever possible, as it gives us the security of having all our stuff with us, the flexibility if a connecting flights is late or canceled and we never have to wait seemingly forever at baggage claim. We didn’t need to pack a lot of stuff for Bora Bora anyway…just swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts…you get the picture. It’s quite laid back, so nothing fancy is required. Anyway, the flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti was full but wonderfully uneventful. They provided little bags that included a pair of aqua blue socks (Air Tahiti Nui color), ear plugs, ear buds and a sleep mask. We also were given blankets and pillows. Nice! I recommend wearing the socks ’cause it got COLD on the plane. Also, they apparently provided a nice-sized snack about an hour after take-off but I didn’t partake, as I took a sleep aid and was trying hard to slumber. I wanted to be good and rested for our arrival the next day in Papeete, Tahiti!



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