Boats, tunnels, train stations and guns – Oh my!

My day started at 7am doing some social media work, drinkin’ coffee and eating breakfast. At 8:30 I walked 2.8 miles with my good friend Gwen (of Endurance Marketing and Eat Drink ‘n Play fame.) After that, I got cleaned up and David and I headed into the city to go to the Atlanta Boat Show! It was fun to walk around and see all the different boats, but my favorite by far (and as always) are the Chris-Crafts. My gosh, they are beautiful. They are somewhat retro, with lots of attention to detail, lovely lines and gorgeous fit and finish. Here are three views of a couple of the ones they had on display.Christ-Craft boats at Atlanta Boat Show



Aren’t they dreamy?!? After the boat show, we did something I love to do…explore nooks and crannies of super-old Atlanta. As always, it is a bit scary in the rough parts of town, but I’m fascinated by all the ancient buildings, homes and hardscapes that abound. We even drove through the super-cool Krog Street tunnel (<-Please click on this link for a cool pic)! Some are abandoned, some are so littered with colorful graffiti that they have new visual appeal and some of the really lucky places have been refurbed and repurposed. Case in point: H. Harper Station.  This is an oooold train station located on Memorial Drive. Many years ago, it  was used on the (long since defunct) Atlanta and West Point Railway. Today it is a super-cool restaurant that specializes in drink mixology. How neat! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Alas, they are not open for lunch, darn it! So, we began to head towards home.

But we were hungry…so we stopped in Doraville at BALDINO’S! <— You gotta say it with a super-thick NJ accent, because it sounds fabulous!  (BAWL-dEEn-Os!) Anyway, Baldino’s Giant JerseySubs is on Buford Highway. We had big ‘ol monster messy, but yummy subs that were $3.49 each with chips and a drink. Whatta deal!


After lunch, we headed for home but then David said he wanted to stop by a gun store called Main Street Firearms in Lilburn. He had been looking for a small gun that he could carry comfortably in his pocket. Shortly after we arrive, he walks out with a tiny Kel Tec .32 calibre gun. Now y’all know I have fairly small hands, so look at how teensy this thing is!


Finally we got home and chilled out for the afternoon. Well, David chilled out. I worked and then got to writing this post!

So, there you have it. Boats, tunnels, train stations and guns all make for an exciting day in the life of Wendy and David. Now, I am going to go make an amazing salad for dinner, but I won’t bore you with the details of that exciting endeavor. 😉


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