Today I feel compelled to write about thankfulness.  After I was laid off from Sage, I was down. I felt really weird and guilty for not going to work.  I live on a busy road and each morning and night I would see all the traffic coming and going as people hurry to their jobs in the AM and then hurry home at night. I tried to offset my poor feelings by keeping myself busy and attempting for figure out my next steps. One thing that I began doing, and continue to do to this day, is keep a gratitude journal. I keep it on my nightstand and each night when I get into bed, I write at least one thing that I am grateful for.

Wendy’s Gratitude Journal

Sometimes it is for important stuff, like when my last mammogram came back negative (whew!).  Often though, it is about stuff that we take for granted each an every day. I mean, huge stuff that we don’t even think about! Imagine trying to go about your day without the modern conveniences of a reliable vehicle, a washer and dryer or a cell phone. For example, when we go camping, I really have to think about my water usage. Do you think about water and how incredibly epic it is that you turn on a faucet and an endless supply of fresh drinking water comes out? More importantly, think about your ability to walk, breathe and use your hands. Can you imagine having no hands? No fingers? I mean, how the heck do you type? Hold a cup? Go potty? Shampoo your hair? It’s all so crazy when you think about it. But we don’t. We just slog through our days and rarely, if ever, think about all the daily amazing things we do. Why? Because we take them for granted and don’t realize how awesome all those abilities are until they are gone. Fortunately, the likelihood of those things “going away” are nil to none. Even with that being the case, I’d like for you to think about some of the “little” things you do each day and experience thankfulness for each one. When you are bummed and think life sucks and you’ve nothing to show for it, think again. You’ve got a lot more than you realize!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Wendy you could not be more right. These are all things my husband and I thank God for everyday and like you cannot imagine how we would do the simple things in life without hands, etc. I’m sure we would figure it out as people do all the time but thankful that most people will never have to experience. Thanks for reminding me again all I have to be thankful for. Merry Christmas,

    1. Thanks very much for the comment, Lynn. In addition, aren’t we super-fortunate to be able to do chalk painting with awesome Annie Sloan paint?!? 😉 Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!

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