Photo A Day October – Day 3: This happened today

FatMumSlim’s Photo A Day theme for today is This happened today.  

Whilst driving to meet my fantabulous friend Shannon for lunch at the awesome Mac Bakeshop & Eatery, I saw a van in front of me driving very erratically when approaching a red light.  He was swerving across multiple lanes, but I couldn’t tell why.  Then I saw it.  A turtle!  He was frantically trying to get across the road.  I couldn’t leave him.  I knew he would get smooshed in the busy intersection.  I looked all around me real quick, stopped, put on my hazards and jumped out to grab him.  I jumped back in the car just as the light turned green.  The guy in the van in front of me was SO incredibly happy – he kept applauding me and giving me thumbs up signs!!!  Luckily, my destination was only a few hundred feet away.  When I got there, I parked and took a quick photo of said turtle in my car, shown below:

I had just picked the black-eyed susans to give to Shannon. Needless to say, Shan was surprised to see those in my one hand and a TURTLE in the other!  She and another random, super-nice couple helped me release the turtle into a wooded area.  All were so excited and happy that I saved him!

So – I’ve had a really good day thus far.  I saved a turtle, had a lovely lunch with Shannon and even bumped into another wonderful friend at Mac’s, Lisa!  I’ll be high on all these things the rest of the day. 🙂


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