Photo A Day September – Day 16: Strange

FatMumSlim’s Photo A Day theme for today is strange.

Initially I was going to post a photo of the innards of our dryer, which David completely disassembled this morning and repaired.  It was interesting to see what was inside… all the lint, dust, rust and dirt that has accumulated over the past 19 years.  Mildly icky and somewhat interesting, I took some photos of the dryer guts.  Afterwards I looked at other photo-a-dayer’s pics depicting “strange” and realized that I really needed to step up my game.  Foreseeing that today would likely not include anything strange enough to photograph, I thought I should go back to my personal photo library and peruse what I already had to find something strange.

It didn’t take long.

I took this photo on 5/2/12.  I rode my bike with my dad and a family friend on the Silver Comet Trail that day.   The Silver Comet Trail is an abandoned railroad right of way that has been repurposed as an amazing recreational trail.  This particular photograph was taken looking down from the Pumpkinvine Trestle (at mile marker 23)  toward Pumpkinvine Creek.  Above the creek was this very strange, but carefully arranged skeleton sitting in a lawn chair under a frilly bright blue umbrella and a table at his (her?) side.  It looked like the skeleton was just chillin’ out in the sun by the creek!  No one was around the ensemble, so I’m not sure who did it or how it got there.  Strange…




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