Photo A Day September – Day 6: Every Day

FatMumSlim’s Photo A Day theme for today is every day.  There are several things I could have taken a photo of for this.  My multivitamin, my coffee in my beloved mug, my toothbrush, deodorant, water bottle, even the Photo a Day project itself!  However, I chose… dental floss.  How immensely boring, right?  Well, I have a bit of a story to tell.

As many of you know, I got laid off from Sage back in February.  Along with my job, I lost my health benefits.  We now have catastrophic-type, individual health plans, but no dental insurance.

Y’all, I loathe flossing.  It’s a PITA because my teeth are so tightly packed together so I didn’t do it as often as I should.  However, I’ve been doing it every single day since February.

Sooo, I went to the dentist yesterday for my check-up and cleaning and I came through with flying colors!  NO CAVITIES!  I paid $85 out-of-pocket for that visit.  I came home and crunched the numbers for what my dental insurance was costing me at Sage and compared it to what I paid for my dental visit yesterday.  Get this….I saved a little over $11 by NOT having dental benefits and simply taking good care of my teeth!  YAY!!!!



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