One door closes, but THREE open!

Hi all!  I felt compelled to share some interesting happenings yesterday.  Here’s the scoop:

A few weeks ago I applied for a full-time job at the library.  I’ve greatly enjoy volunteering there and when a position opened up, my volunteer coordinators recommended that I apply.  It was a Library Assistant position with a salary at a third of what I had made at Sage, but I didn’t care.  What I care about is being happy.  I knew I could continue doing my part-time social media work AND the full-time position at the library, if given the opportunity.

Well, I found out yesterday that I was not being considered for the position.  Was I upset?  Nope.  I was actually impressed.  The reason why I wasn’t in the running was because the people who were granted interviews were current part-time library employees.  I admire organizations that promote from within.  I think that’s wonderful. Very nice and very professional.

Still, I should be a little bummed out, right?

I’m not.  At all.  Here’s why:

1) As a result of the forthcoming internal promotions, it’s likely some part-time positions will open up at my specific branch – COOL!  I might as well get paid for what I am already happily doing for free. 🙂

2) Later in the day, I got a call from the company I currently do some social media work for.  They have more work for me!  The subject?  Hawaii travel!!!!  SWEET!

3) Even later in the day, I got a message on facebook.  It was from a woman I met at one of the Gwinnett Chamber events when I was representing Treetop Quest a few months ago.  We’ve stayed in touch via facebook (thank goodness for facebook) and she said she might have a need for some social media work for some of her clients… was I interested?  Yes!  I am, indeed!!

So WOW!  While one door shut, three other possible opportunities serendipitously opened.  Even better is that all are in line with my goal of creating multiple streams of income.

Needless to say.  I’m feeling pretty darn fortunate today.  Positivity RULES!!!

Oh, just so you aren’t staring at a bunch of words, here’s one more thing I want to share…azalea flowers!

Have a lovely weekend. 🙂


2 thoughts on “One door closes, but THREE open!

  1. I too, have discovered less is better and have scaled down on the junk, just necessities, we don’t waste anything very important. I have a rescue cat indoors and a stray outdoors. I love my volunteer work and would love to see you at the Taste of Clarkesville in September I will send info.

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