Photo A Day August – Day 2: One

Today’s photo theme is One.

My original plan was to photograph a male cardinal who frequents our bird feeder.  Why?  He’s only got one leg that works.  The other one is completely non functioning and simply drags and dangles from his body.  It doesn’t seem to impede him in any way, which I find inspiring.

Alas, I never did see him at the feeder today, nor did I have time to hang out and watch… so I had to get creative and figure out a plan b for my One picture.  I went to my craft room for inspiration.  I saw my antique rubber stamps (box top shown below), a family heirloom which I’m sure is older than me.  I love them and the box too.  I found the “1” stamp and also found the pointy hand stamp.  I knew I had my photo then! 🙂


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