Adirondack Trip – Day 5

Today we got up and packed and prepared to head home.  It was sad to be leaving!  We had such a good time with our family and friends at this magical place.  David and I went down to the dock to get one last look.

Then we got to see the neato mail boat!  Fourth Lake has a big boat that they use to deliver mail.  As you can see, people can pay to go along for the ride.  It gives folks an up close look of all the fantastic, old Adirondack camps around that lake (since you can’t see any of them from the road).  What a great idea, huh?  I think this part of the US Mail actually MAKES money from this stream of income!!!!

After our goodbyes, we headed on our long journey home.  We traveled on Southwest Airlines and got the cheapest fare possible…which required us to fly from Albany to Chicago then from Chicago to Atlanta.  Luckily, all went according to plan and we got home a little after midnight with lots of wonderful memories dancing in our heads. 🙂  We look forward to going back!


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