Adirondack Trip – Day 3

It’s boat show day!  We got up early and prepared to drive the boats down to Old Forge Pond, with ETD of 7am.  John and David went in the Chris Craft and Dad and I went in the Sea Skiff.  Both boats are over 50 years old!  The lake was placid and beautiful.  Here’s a slide show showing us heading down to the event as well as several of the boats on display.  (By the way, this was the 22nd annual Fulton Chain Rendezvous put on by the Antique and Classic Boat Society.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After we got the boats situated, we walked up into Old Forge and had a good breakfast at Walt’s.  Afterward we  walked back down to the show to check out the rest of the boats.  We were intrigued by Old Forge Hardware Store and went back to town to check it out.  WOW!  It had anything and everything you could possibly imagine.   Click the link and you’ll see what I mean (my pictures don’t do it justice, so I didn’t post them.)

Mom and Margie showed up and we all hung out for a couple of hours together.  When the show ended at 2pm, it was time to head home.  This time David went with my dad and I went with John.  We navigated our way through a few of the narrow inlets the connect the lakes and caught up to one another on Fourth Lake.  It was a glorious afternoon!

When we got back to the lake, we all jumped in and swam!  The water was amazing.  In fact, David said it was the best water he’s ever swam in!  That says a lot!!!  We had tons of fun doing cannonballs, can openers, front and back flips off the dock.  I felt like a kid again. 🙂

Afterward we had snacks and drinks and got ready for dinner.  The Wilkins had made reservations at Big Moose Inn.  Check out the ceiling of the bar!  Those are all business cards.

Even though our reservation was messed up, we stuck around and the food was excellent!  After dinner we drove a bit farther down the road and there we saw this…Big Moose Chapel.  How pretty!  There are so many neat things here that are seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  

We headed home but on the way we saw an owl!  There were actually two of them and they were REAL!  I’d never seen an owl in the wild like that before.  Being a little bit of a birder, I was totally psyched to see it.  Loons and owls?!?  How cool!!

Anyway, back to the cabin we went.  We were all so tired….but happy!  What an AWESOME day!!!


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