Adirondack Trip – Day 2

After a good night’s sleep, we went to a place called Drake’s for breakfast.  It’s where the locals go to hang out and the food is good.

This morning’s breakfast was special because we were going to meet my mom’s cousin Leslie and her husband Peter, both of which were vacationing the same time we were in the same general area!  It was so nice meeting them and we had a nice time together.

While at Drake’s, we also got to meet Rick.  He is a fascinating and super-friendly guy.  He used to be an attorney but now restores old wooden boats full-time at his lakeside cabin down the road.  He’s a year-rounder!  After breakfast we went to Rick’s house to see a boat that he was working on.  Here he is, along with dad and David admiring his handiwork:

To get a better idea of the amount of work going into this boat, I took a video:


After boat ‘show and tell’ Rick kindly took us on a tour of his beautiful, old, lakeside camp/home.  We then went to his dock to see his Catalina sailboat.  Here’s David and Rick chatting about it.  

All of a sudden the mailman pulled up…IN HIS BOAT!  Get this y’all… mail is delivered via BOAT here!!!!  No joke!  People have their mailboxes out on their docks!  Here’s Rick getting his mail from the mailman.

In this next photo, you see the mailman leave to deliver mail to the next house over (Have I mentioned how much I love all the boathouses?  I love all the boats AND the boathouses!!!).

While there we also got to see sea planes take off and land.  How neat is that?!  Several people have them to travel from lake to lake.  While you can’t see a plane here, you can see the pretty view from Rick’s porch:

After visiting with Rick, dad drove us around and showed us some sites.  We went back to the house and David and I decided we had enough time to get to Sagamore for the 1:30pm tour.  Those who know me well know that I ADORE Adirondack architecture.  I jumped at the opportunity to see this amazing “camp” built for the rich elite…the Vanderbilts.  Here’s a little of what we saw:

The main lodge

The dining hall

The boat house

The below photo is one of my favorites.  It’s a close up of the Adirondack Chairs, the Sagamore dining hall and Sagamore Lake in the background.

The tour was interesting but much longer than we anticipated.  By the time we got home, it was late in the afternoon and we still hadn’t eaten lunch!  David and I ate and decided we were too pooped to go the cocktail party scheduled for that evening.  It was being held for the participants of the antique boat show that was going to be held the next day in Old Forge.  We hung out down at the dock and dipped our feet in the cool water of Fourth Lake.  The water in the Fulton Chain of lakes is incredibly clean and clear.  You can easily see all the way to the bottom, even over six feet!

We went to bed fairly early that night.  There was much to do tomorrow…BOAT SHOW DAY!!!!


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