Adirondack Trip – Day 1

On 7/12, David and I headed out EARLY in the morning to begin the first leg of our journey to the Adirondack mountains in New York.  We actually got up a little before 4am, mostly because I think we were too excited to sleep.  We did have an early flight though, which was departing Atlanta at 8:30am.  Southwest had the cheapest tickets, but unfortunately they were not direct flights.  So, we flew from Atlanta (ATL) to Baltimore (BWI) then from BWI to Albany International (ALB).  We were in Albany by 1:45pm, where my mom and dad picked us up.  It was wonderful to see them!  We headed north, but stopped first in Lake George to see some sites and have a quick lunch.  From there we headed to our final destination, a family friend’s cabin on Fourth Lake (one of the lakes in the Fulton Chain).  We have been friends with this family for a looong time and it was wonderful to see them too!   Their cabin was beautiful and right on the water.  

They also have a boathouse where they kept their two amazing vintage wooden boats.  Earlier this year, we were invited us to attend the wooden boat show.  We were honored to be able to visit with family, good friends and go to the boat show too in these lovely boats.  Here’s a video of the boat house and the boats inside.

We had a wonderful dinner and then watched the sun begin to set.  The weather was warm, but not hot like Atlanta.

Before daylight was gone, we went for a boat ride in the Chris Craft.  I was ELATED to be doing this and sharing it with those close to me!  David took this video as we headed out.  When we backed out of the boat house, cooold water came up over the stern and soaked my backside, thus my scream!

When we first left, I got to see a loon!  I love loons!  Then, when we were at speed on the water, I got this cool photo.

Upon returning, we slowed to pull back into the boathouse.  I absolutely love exhaust note at idle!

It was a long, but wonderful day.  Here I was with awesome people in this awesome place, with a full belly and a glass of wine, all with loons calling in the distance after an amazing sunset boat ride.  It was magical!  I slept really well that night (no A/C needed, even upstairs when you are that far north!)   It’s a good thing too, for I had another big day tomorrow.  More to come!


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