My first chalk painted project DONE!

For those that follow me on Facebook, you may recall my serendipitous introduction to the lovely studio, Chalk It Up Norcross.  Chalk paint has a variety of uses, not just for chalk boards.  It allows one to easily paint and distress furniture (with no sanding and priming to begin with-WOO HOO!).  Anyway, to make a long story short, I signed up for and completed an introductory class on chalk painting at Chalk It Up Norcross.  It was fun!  I bought some of the chalk paint with the intent of using it.  On what, that remained to be seen.  Soooo, I kept an eye out for a piece of furniture that I could, well….chalk up!  Then I remembered  my parents had a small, old table in their basement.  They weren’t using it and it was in need of being re-done.  Perfect!  They kindly allowed me to have it so I could  put my new skills to use.  So here is what the table looked like before:

….and this is after:

I’m pretty happy with it!  I love the aged, distressed, ‘looks like someone dunked the whole thing in a vat of coffee’-look to it.  How’d I do it?  Here’s a visual run down of each of the steps I took over a period of days:

I did not sand nor prime the table.  I pretty much plunked it down and started painting.  I first applied some pink chalk paint.  I knew I wanted this as a layered accent…to sort of make the table look like the table was painted pink at one time.

I let that dry completely and I then applied a layer of off-white chalk paint over the entire table.  Chalk paint is very thick and you can see that it covered the pink paint and pre-existing, mottled dark stain as if neither were ever there.

I let that dry  completely, and then applied a clear wax the whole table.  I let that dry and I then buffed it out with a clean cloth.  The clear wax seals the paint, protects it and, once buffed, give it a nice smooth shine.   I tried to capture that sheen in the below pic:

The next step may seem a bit radical for such a nice white table, but I distressed it.  I sanded down the areas that I assumed would be worn over time.  Basically outside edges of everything.  I wanted those areas of pink paint to show through too, which you can sort of see in the pics below:

The sanding was the messiest part of the whole process.  I thought the wax would cut down on the dust, and perhaps it did, but I was still covered in chalk dust after it was all said and done!   Twas totally worth it though.  I liked the look it achieved.  I ain’t done yet tho!  The next step was to clear wax…again.  And buff to a shine…again.  I’m not posting a picture of that since it really didn’t look very different from what you see above.

The step after this is where it gets dramatic.  I applied a dark wax and buffed it out, which resulted in the (somewhat) final product.  TA DA!

Now, I say “somewhat” final product because I need your help.  I’m thinking about embellishing the table but am having trouble deciding on that.  Here are the options:

1)  Apply a black dogwood/bluebird motif (hard to get the idea with the white background, so try to picture it just as black):

2)  Apply warm/inspirational motif:

3) or leave the table as is

So, what do y’all think?  Should I go with option 1, 2 or 3?  Please let me know, either by posting here or on Facebook.  I’d love to know y’alls opinions!




7 thoughts on “My first chalk painted project DONE!

  1. Love it!! I like option 2! I am into the inspirational stuff, but that’s just me 🙂 Whatever you pick will be absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, everyone! Between what folks have voted on here and what others have said on facebook, it sounds like #3 is the winner….which is SO cool, ’cause that means the project is done and now I can bring it inside and use it. YAY!

  3. Wendy – so awesome and I could not have written better instructions myself. Thank you so much for letting me see your first of I hope many finished projects and I think I would leave as is.

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