Our inaugural trip in our “new” RV

We went to Vogel State Park, which is one of my favorite parks in Georgia.  It is in the north GA mountains and is gorgeous!  They have a wonderful, dog-friendly campground.   Since it was fairly close to home, we figured it would be a good place to go for our first trip in the RV.  With the exception of our heater being on the fritz, all went very well!

Wolf Creek ran right behind our site.  It was music to my ears!

Here was our view out the back of the RV:

We did a LOT of hiking each day and spied some interesting things along the way.  This is a Dwarf Crested Iris.  They were everywhere on the trails throughout the park.

Not as common, but we did spot a few pink and yellow Lady Slipper Orchids!  This is a pretty pink one:

Here’s a funky, colorful mushroom that I found:

For those of you that have been to Vogel before you know that there is an awesome waterfall below the lake.  Just take the hiking trail by the spillway and you’ll find it!

David turned into a 5-year-old and decided he was going to build a dam in the creek.  He had much fun playing in the water with the rocks.  Dexter was perplexed as to what daddy was doing and the whole scene made me giggle!  BTW – David was unsuccessful in his attempts at building a water-tight dam, but he did add to the phonics of the stream.  Sweet.

Besides this being our first shake-down experience with the camper, we also experienced another first…something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.  We went geocaching!  We weren’t as prepared as I hoped we would be (no GPS – eek!), but we found the hidden cache in the woods nonetheless!!!  You can see in the pic that I was sooo uber-happy that my face is all kinked up!  You can also see that my hair was NOT happy – lol.  Hiking in the early AM humidity turns my hair into a total frizz-o-rama!  Thank goodness for pony-tailers.  Anyway, the pic is pixellated ’cause I cropped it as a close-up so 1) you can see the nifty ammo box and it’s verbiage and 2) you can’t figure out where I am on the trail based on landmarks.  I don’t want to give away the hiding place!

So what was inside the box?  All sorts of things…a log book (which I signed), loblolly pine tree seeds, action figures, crayons and pens, stickers, little crafty things from a girl scout troop, baseball cards, etc.  You are supposed to sign the book, take and item and leave an item.  I didn’t take anything, but I did leave a trinket of my own.  It was a very small, cute ceramic doggy prize that I had received in a box of tea.  I hope it brings as much joy to someone as finding this cache brought to me.  I packed everything back up and put it back into its hiding place.  I was so stoked the rest of the day ’cause we found TREASURE!  So cool!!!

After getting back home, I did a bit more research on geocaching and have learned about something else called letterboxing.  I would adore this!  Has anyone else done any geocaching or letterboxing?  If so, please let me know.  I’d love to hear your stories!


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