Our new home away from home

As many of you know, David and I had been looking for a home for many years.  We finally found our ideal new house, essentially right under our noses, right next door to our subdivision.  Like our forays in real estate, we were also on a long, constant search for a RV.  Well, we finally got one, but it sure as heck wasn’t under our noses!

To make along story short, we saw a 2009 Pacific Coast Tango Twist 23RLBH on eBay and both really liked what we saw in the pictures.  It was a no reserve auction and the trailer was in Texas.  After researching it, we liked it so much, we bid on it…sight unseen.  Risky!  Did I mention, TEXAS?!? Nonetheless, we both decided it was worth a try.  Bid confirmed, the deed was done.  We soon got outbid.  We bid again, and decided it was our last one.  We were, as Charlie Sheen would say, winning.  THEN, a couple of days later, David’s transmission on his Frontier completely went out.  The truck, with over 190k miles on it, was toast.  David went to get a new truck.  He came home with…a Nissan Titan 4X4.  What the heck!?!?!  Oh my, I was not happy!  We’ve gotten very good at communicating over the years and we had discussions about the new truck.  It took a bit, but I understood where he was coming from and why he got it.  I cooled off and warmed up to it.  But, now we were worried if we were still going to win the RV on eBay.  You know, the one in Texas(!).  We waited a few days for the auction to end…and whaddya know?  We won it.  David drove all day, from Atlanta to Texas this past Wednesday in his new truck.  On Thursday morning, he got to see the RV for the first time.  I anxiously awaited his call.  He calls and says, “I think you are going to be really happy!”  WHEW!  What a relief!  He began making his way home, trailer in tow, that afternoon.  On the way, one of the roof vents completely disintegrated.  He had a hole in the roof now, and it was raining and windy.  Thankfully, we have wonderful friends in Louisiana, where he stayed the night.  The next morning, he left at 7am, unfortunately in more rain and higher winds.  He called me and actually thought about stopping.  I knew the wind had to be bad, because when David is on the road, he does NOT stop.  I was reassured by the fact that he had a full size truck, but still, I asked that he please stop and get something to eat when he got to Mississippi.  He did and afterward, the weather and driving conditions began to improve.  Other than having to deal with Friday night Atlanta traffic (and the fact it was prom night), it was fairly smooth sailing.  He got home safe and sound after dark.  I was so grateful he was home safe!  The pictures you have seen strewn throughout our story are what the RV looks like as of today (3/10/12) after David made it super pretty.  We LOVE our new RV!  Oh, and below is the obligatory picture of our new broom standing on end all by itself due to the spring equinox.  How cool is that?!?


6 thoughts on “Our new home away from home

  1. How’s the trailer? I just picked one up exactly like it and yet have not had a chance to go out and enjoy the outdoors yet. I hope it is serving you well and very sturdy.

    1. Hi David. It’s great! We’ve taken it on one trip thus far and it worked out great! We have plans to take it on more trips in the fall and winter. These trailers are a rarity on the east coast. We really lucked out with this year and model. Please stay in touch and keep us posted on how yours does on your first trip! Have fun!

  2. Hi Wendy!
    First trip was to the Sacramento delta! My family had a blast. we went with a co-worker from my office and his family and we all had a ton of fun fishing and swimming. The trailer performed excellent. No problems what so ever!

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