My hubby, my hero…

David is constantly my hero and I admire him so much for his abilities to fix things. Big or small, tangible or not, he’s “got this.”

For example, I had my first meeting with a career transition company today. Afterward, when I approached my car, I noticed my front right tire was low….lower than usual for my low profile tires. Hmm. I decided there was enough air to risk it and I drove home, fortunately with no problems. I got home and showed David my tire, to which he responded, “Yeaahhh, your tire is flat. Gimme your keys.” I handed him my keys and in less time than it took him to smoke that whole fricken #$?&^! cigarette, he diagnosed the problem (note the screw above), repaired the tire, filled it with the proper amount of air and returned it to the garage.

David is my hero, once again.  He takes such good care of me!

I love and adore this man. ♥ 


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