My Room – Before and After

Have any of y’all heard of the architect/author, Sarah Susanka?  You may have heard of her book, The Not So Big House. 
I first heard of her many years ago when I was doing volunteer work for Trees Atlanta.  One of my fellow volunteers, who lived ITP (Inside The Perimeter), was highly unimpressed that I had a larg-ish home OTP (Outside the Perimeter).  We had a long discussion/debate about it as he and I planted trees around an Atlanta park that Saturday morning.  I borrowed the book from the library later that week and fell in love with it.  I loved it so much, I bought it.  Today, I own almost all of her books!  Sarah brings up a lot of really good points about how a well-planned, smaller home with a few choice upgrades can bring as much joy as a larger home would/could bring.  Her architectural mindset is easily displayed in her skillful writing and the beautiful pictures that adorn the pages.  Among the things she discusses are an “Away Room”, “A Place of Quiet Remove” and a “Place of Your Own”.  I’d like to think that I have created a room that is essentially all three of those combined.

So, here’s an early “before” picture.  This was taken this past summer:

Below is a picture from November with a bunch of my junk moved/thrown in, but not set up or organized in any way.

I’ve been working on the room for a while now and here’s how it has turned out (as of January):

Every single thing you see in these pictures has a story.  It makes me happy to have my own space and  to be surrounded by all that inspire me so much.  Good memories, creativity, comfort and nostalgia immediately come to mind.  I’m excited to put this room to good use now that I’ve got it almost completely set up!  Santa (mom and dad) brought me a sewing machine for Christmas, so that’s first on my creativity agenda.  If I sew something epic (good or bad!) I’ll be sure to share it with you. 🙂


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