Before and after living room pics

Living room before…..

…and living room after.

Yeah.  That’s a rubber chicken in the middle of the living room.  It’s one of Dexter’s toys. 🙂  The big recliner chair to the left is where I like to relax, read, watch TV and surf the net.  In fact, I’m typing this post from that chair right now!  The chair that you see Charles sleeping in is a family heirloom that I got fixed up and reupholstered.  The leaded glass door came with the house.  Just beyond that door is a nice wide front porch…a great place to chill and watch the traffic go by.

Here’s another before and after view of the living room from the opposite side:

I’m really happy with our paint choice for the living room.  It is cozy and inviting.  I really like how it warmed up the fireplace too.  The Victorian rocking chair is another family heirloom I got fixed up.  The cool Ikea lamp in the corner is David’s.  I love the subtle light it casts at night.  Even though my mom is an avid quilter, the quilt you see on the back of the couch is actually one that I was awarded for a charitable donation I made.  It was to help Pete’s Greens CSA in Craftsbury, VT to rebuild after a horrific barn fire earlier this year.  The beautiful quilt is from Kelly Ann’s Quilting in Warrenton, VA.  The carpeting is the original that came with the house.  It was in good shape…even moreso after we got it cleaned.  The fireplace has nice gas logs, but we hope to install a wood stove some day.  Outside the door to the left is a screened in porch that overlooks the backyard.

In the above picture, the wicker chair in the foreground has been moved to accommodate for the Christmas tree shown in the below picture.  I have all the antique ornaments on the tree and of course, dads LGB train set, which David set up.  We love the whole shebang!  My friend Gwen said she could see the tree from the street when she drove by – YAY!

I know this last one is  not the clearest picture in the world, but I still like how it turned out.  Bonus points for you if you can find our Nanny cat!  Merry Christmas, y’all!


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