New house – before and after kitchen pics

We really loved the kitchen in the new house.  It was BIG with lots of cabinets!  It did need a few things…a fridge and some paint, not much else.  There was a perfectly good electric drop-in range but my husband (who was a serious cook in a previous life) would not be happy with an electric stove.  I’ve watched him cook on electric a few times.  I thought he did fine, but Mr Perfectionist was not content with such.  I knew the stove needed to be replaced.  So here is what we had to work with to begin with….not bad at all!

I really struggled with the color for the kitchen.  It boiled down to a pale yellow or a pale blue.  The countertops were a grayish blue, so I decided to go with the blue (called “Sigh” believe it or not!).  I wasn’t in love with it when we first got in the walls, but I like it moreso now that we’ve moved all the furniture in.  You can see it best in the picture of the dining area below.

But first, here’s a bunch of junk in the kitchen on move-in day!

…and here is the kitchen after most everything was cleaned up and put away.  I think it turned out well!

Below you can see our new fridge. We got a KILLER deal on a counter-depth GE Profile from the friendly folks at Britts in Lawrenceville.  We had initially bought a fridge from Sears.  BIG mistake.  As a result of that horrid experience, we will never buy anything from Sears (or any store affiliated with Sears) ever again.  Yeah, our experience with Sears was THAT bad.  I had pretty much given up finding good new appliances at a decent price until we found Britts.  Not only did we buy a refrigerator from them, but we bought an awesome GE Profile gas stove for a great deal too.  Customers for life, we are!

The kitchen was soon put to the ultimate test…as we hosted Thanksgiving at the new house!  All went very well, indeed.  David and I had plenty of room to do our thang and we made a fabulous feast to share with mom, dad, Mako, and brother Dave (all of whom also contributed to the spoils).

We certainly were thankful, not only for this wonderful food, but for everything…an amazing family, our health, our livelihoods and this cozy home to celebrate together.  Life is good, y’all!








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