Our New Home – Outside Pics

Hello!  I’ve been promising pictures of our new abode for a while now and now that we are more settled, I can work more on my blog and share said pics with you!  Before I do so, a little background info first:  David and I have been looking for a home…OUR home, for about 6 years.  We looked at hundreds of homes over the years.  We did put offers on a few, but nothing panned out.  Then one day, we noticed a house for sale right next door to our subdivision.  We went to look at it and we knew it was “the one”.  We both felt it and even the SELLER felt it!  A few months later, we owned it (with a lot of help from my mom and dad, who are AWESOME, btw!) and on November 5th 2011, we officially moved in.    It is a smaller home that fits our needs much better than my place.  The new house is a ranch on a basement with boat door access.  That basement is the perfect place for David’s car and workshop(s)!

One of the first things we needed to do was install a fence in the backyard to keep our doggies safe.  The property is on an one acre of land (not in a HOA).  The fence was our most expensive upgrade, but it was also a critical need.  It had to be done!  With the property as large as it was, we couldn’t afford a fancy fence.  I would have loved to have an iron fence, but we got a black chain link fence instead, and it looks fine!  Here are the before and after pics:

Next up will be some before and after pics of the inside!



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