Day 2 – California Trip 2011

It’s going to be difficult not to post too many pictures with all that we saw today (10/16/11)!  We woke up WAY early at 3:45am, mostly due to jet lag and time difference between ET and PT.  We both dozed off and on and finally got up at 6am and then grabbed breakfast at 7am (when it opened!).  It was yummmmmy as you can see.

After breakfast, we went for a morning stroll down by the Merced River, across from the hotel.  They had property nicely landscaped over there, but their sprinkler system was not a good one with broken heads and line leaks all over the place.  I thought David was going to throw a sprocket ’cause he wanted to fix all the busted and leaking sprinkler heads!  I had to remind him he was on vacation….

We packed up and headed to …Yosemite!!  We were both super excited…and we were not disappointed with all the amazing beauty that we saw.  Check it out:

Merced River

Road just inside of Yosemite:

El Capitan:

Yosemite Falls:

Our first sequoia siting!  Right in the road too!

We parked the car and walked to The Ahwahnee hotel.  Here’s me at the entrance:

…and here is the spectacular hotel itself.  It was stunning.  We definitely want to stay here if we come back.

This is Tunnel View.  I was SO happy to find this because my parents have a beautiful oil painting with the same exact view in their dining room.

A view near the top of Glacier Point.  You see Half Dome on the left and two waterfalls, one front and center and the other to the right.

After hanging out in Yosemite for a while and having a quick lunch on top of Glacier Point, we made our way to Mariposa Grove.  We hiked around the whole grove (about 6 miles!) and saw huge, amazing, giant sequoias.  It was AWESOME!  Here’s David next to a fallen sequoia:

Tunnel Tree!

Love this shot of all the cool trees:

After walking and hiking all day, we were BEAT.  We drove to our hotel, Tenaya Lodge.  Once again, our room got upgraded !  We got a cottage suite!  Here’s the living room with a wonderful, warm fireplace.

Once we unpacked, we dragged our tired, hungry selves to a fancy restaurant (The Sierra) at the lodge.  Luck prevailed again, and we got a nice window seat.  Our server was perceptive, as she could tell we were beat from gallivanting around Yosemite all day.  She took great care of us and we ate well.  Afterward, we explored around the property.  I was able to capture this pretty night shot of the entrance of the lodge.  Love it!

At this point, I was pretty worried about our next day.  We had a TON of ground to cover and I was concerned if we were going to be able to do everything on our itinerary (much of it in remote areas) AND make it to our next hotel in Three Rivers for the night.  I was really hoping for some good sleep too.  Did I sleep?  Did we make it to the hotel?  Stay tuned to find out!


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