Downsizing trials, tribulations, findings and fun!

David and I will soon be downsizing to a smaller house!  We are both very excited about this!  Yes, the new house will be smaller, but it has much more usable space than our current BIG home.   Here’s the new place:In preparation for our upcoming move, I have been cleaning and clearing out many things.  I’ve been psyched beyond belief about some of the stuff I’ve been doing in my efforts to minimize and I wanted to share those with you.

1)  I’ve been selling stuff on ebay.  No brainer, right?  ebay has made it easier to sell stuff, which is great.  I also feel like I am sending people “treasure”.   Like my Ginny Dolls (unopened, in box!) below:They must like my stuff too.  I maintain a 100% rating.

2)  I’ve been dropping off lots of things at Goodwill.  I love Goodwill!  Whenever I need something, I check Goodwill first.  People donate BRAND NEW stuff all the time!  Also, every time I go I make sure to bring stuff to deposit before I purchase something there.  The rule is to have more outgoing than incoming.  It works!

3)  Books.  Oh my, I have lots of books.  Recently, I decided to see if I could sell some of my books at a store down the road called Books For Less.  My books were old, but I did get store credit.  That’ll work!  They recently had a Summer-fest event, which I attended.  Of course, I brought a bunch more books to give.  I did come away with 3 awesome used books. (The Bread Machine CookbookGreat Adaptations: Making Older Buildings Into Dynamic Homes for Today and Decorative Mosaics)  Using my store credit, I only paid $13 for ’em!  YAY!

4)  Bills.  Back before we used online bill-pay, I would pay the bills, write the check number and date on the bill stub and file it.  I did this for YEARS.  I had shoeboxes for each year, stacked in a closet upstairs.  Many, many, many years.  *sigh*  Anyway, I finally went through this stuff and grabbed the few things I needed to keep.  The rest I put in two big bankers boxes.  Shred Green in Snellville was having a FREE shred event a couple of weekends ago and I took full advantage of it.  I brought them my boxes and I got to watch and learn how the truck decimated all my paper.  It was neato…and secure.  Ahhhh.  A large weight off my shoulders and my closet shelves.  This makes me happy!


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