Garden and CSA vignettes

I so look forward to picking up my CSA share at Suwanee Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning.  It Began With a Seed Farm provides our share.  David and Anita are the amazing farmers who work so hard to make sure the farm provides well for its shareholders.  Feast your eyes on todays HALF share (you can only imagine what a full share looks like!).

This is the stuff that helps keep me fit and healthy during the summer!  Of course, David helps too with his amazing garden.  Here he is picking zucchini tonight.  (Note the corn cob behind his butt!)

Here he is picking cucumbers.  Our cucumber plants are UBER happy this year.

Last year we had some rogue winter squash plants show up that we didn’t plant.  It was a lot of fun trying to figure out what the heck it was until it finally bore fruit.  This year, we, once again, have stuff growing that we didn’t plant!  One is a MASSIVE tomato plant that is growing out of one of the vent holes in our compost bin.  It’s got flowers on it, but I have no idea what kind of tomatoes we will get from it.  I’m excited to see!

Another surprise plant is this one.  It’s on the path to the compost bin and it has a yellow flower on it.  I have NO idea what this thing is, but we’ll take care not to step on it and hopefully see what it will produce.

Lastly I wanted to post a picture of a crepe myrtle that my team gave me as a gift a few years ago.  It’s extremely happy, and literally dripping with flowers, as you can see.

Thank you so much again, team!  I love this (and the bird bath too).  🙂


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