Why do we accumulate so much stuff?

“The first self-storage facilities appeared in Texas in the late 1960s.  Today, approximately 10 percent of American households have items in one of the forty thousand self-storage facilities in this country.  This is a 75 percent increase from just ten years ago and it has happened during a time when the size of he average American house has increased by half.  Larger houses and more stuff in storage!”      – It’s All Too Much, by Peter Walsh

Talk about stuff….I cleaned out a closet this past weekend.  What an adventure that was.  Being the product of a very Depression-minded grandparents taught me to save everything…not just money, but most any kind of item deemed as “worth something” if not now, someday.  I had all my grad school notes, projects and papers.  I had Ginny dolls in boxes, never opened or played with.  I had size 6 jeans from when I went on a low-carb diet….like I’ll ever do that (or fit in those again)!   My Cinderella watch set…why keep this?  I used to have an amazing cat, Casper.  Remember the cartoon, Casper the Friendly Ghost and Wendy the Good Witch?  Well, my beloved Casper cat is long since dead.  Stuff, stuff and more stuff.  Why keep all this?  For what?  Hell, I even found my sticker collection from when I was in Cedar Hill elementary!!!  You know, it’s a little scary that those scratch and sniff stickers are still scenty 30ish years later….

It was not very fun to go through all this stuff and sort through it, especially the scrapbook of an old boyfriend whom broke up with me, not once, but twice.  At least there were some good memories in there, but it was ouchy flipping through those pages nonetheless.  Bonus psychological clutter on top of tangible clutter.  I must admit it was liberating to rid myself of much of all this stuff stacked in the closet.  I have a donation pile, and a trash pile, and several items that hopefully will find a more loving home, thanks to $.99 cent auctions on ebay.

I hope to do more of this cleansing in the near future.  Cleaning out and keeping only the things I only absolutely love or need is the goal.  In fact, David and I are hoping to downsize to a smaller home with more usable space.  In today’s day and age, that has been proving extremely challenging!

Back to stuff.  Have you ever seen “Story of Stuff”?  

It’s a little long, but it is interesting and it makes you really think.  🙂

On a lighter note, happy spring cleaning, y’all!


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