Unplugged Night

Unplugged night?  What the heck is that?  Read on…

About a month ago, David (yes, David!) suggested that we “unplug” one night each week.  Before you begin thinking lewd things, he meant “unplug” as in no TV, no internet, no itouch, no video games…you get the idea.  I LOVED it.  We picked Wednesdays, a nice mid-week respite.  I was excited to start.

For our first Unplugged Night (12/15), we didn’t really plan anything.  We decided to read for our activity that evening.  We actually had lots of stuff to read, but never seemed to have the time to actually, well, do that.  This time we did.  I had a bunch of library books (surprise, surprise, right?!?) and David had some magazines.   Twas all enjoyable leisure reading.  We chatted about the things we were learning about and drank tea and cocoa.  It was a lot of fun to unplug!

The following Wednesday (12/22), we decided on a specific task.  This was to build a gingerbread house!  Tis the season, right?  We found these cool kits at Kroger with the gingerbread and icing already pre-made and candy decorations too.  All we had to do was construct the house and decorate it.  We actually had a great time and chuckled at our follies during our progress.  Here is a pictorial review of the construction and decoration process all the way to completion:

Opening zee package…

Hey, where are the flying buttresses?!?

VERY serious stuff going on here (as I use the icing bag to point out something – lol!)

Hmmm, how could this have happened? Somehow Sandy (and Dexter) both got blue icing on their noses. ‘Tis a mystery… 😉

A creative use of a chopstick to hold a starlight mint in place whilst the icing dries.

David’s favorite hat! Tis the season for serious gingerbread house construction.

My decorated, traditional Christmas tree and non-traditional gingerbread man (complete with old-timey swimsuit and new-timey “Dog the Bounty Hunter” lookin’ Oakleys).

The finished product! Note David’s decorated snowman. For someone reason he has red stripes down his body. Hey, its art!

So what’s the plan for the next unplugged night? It’s tomorrow and we have a couple of ideas in mind, but if you have suggestions, please…suggest away! We are actually thinking about adding an unplugged DAY on either Saturday or Sunday in the near future. That’s a major test, but I think we can hack it! Ohhh, perhaps “hack” is not a good word…. ;-D


4 thoughts on “Unplugged Night

  1. I LOVE IT!!! What a great idea! Also – we need to schedule a Christ/Katrina and Wendy/David night! If your dogs are cool with other dogs, maybe Fenway could visit too (she LOVES other dogs….is super duper with them. Completely submissive)

    1. Hi Katrina! Doggie play date, especially with “Christ” sounds like fun!! Tee hee hee!!! I also love the idea of cooking together. I really want to learn how to make homemade pasta. Sans handcuffs, of course. Perhaps those can be utilized for “dessert” somehow. 😉

  2. PS: I have no ideas. Other than maybe tackling a fun recipe together like home made pasta and bolognese. (I could teach you how to make the pasta if you don’t know how. 🙂 )

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