California Trip – Day 7 – 10/22/10

Today is our last full day in California.  Tis sad, but at the same time, ok, because we’ve had a FAB trip thus far…an it ain’t over yet!!!

We awoke this morning, packed and checked out of the hotel.  We drove out of old-town Pasadena and picked up David’s sister, Christina and his niece, Hannah.  It was so good to see them!  We had a very nice breakfast at Rod’s Grill in Arcadia (even though it was raining AGAIN!)

After breakfast, we dropped Christina and Hanna off back at their place, but not before I snapped this fab picture of them both!

Aren’t they cute?  Totally mother and daughter…and you can see Mako in both of them!  We gave them the rest of our Fallbrook avocados and oranges and headed back out on the road.  Our next stop was Griffith Park Observatory.  As soon as I saw it, I recognized it from the movie Charlie’s Angels – Full Throttle.

This movie shows some more of the view from the observatory…and us being mildly goofy again too (what else is new?!?!)

Here also, is a picture that I took of the famous of the Hollywood Sign

The sign was erected back in 1923 as an advertisement for a new housing development called “Hollywoodland”.  Today, it has it’s own non-profit group that ensures that it is maintained and protected.

We drove down and through Hollywood.  We saw the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theater too.  We also were on a quest to find my “Aunt” Hazel’s house.  Aunt Hazel was my Grandmother Phraner’s sister whom was a singer back in the day.  She wasn’t A-list, but she certainly did quite well for herself.  I remember, when I was very little, that she had very nice clothes and jewelry.  Apparently she was friends with people like Jimmy Durante!  She lived in the hills and we found her house at 8288 Hollywood Blvd.

It’s hard to tell here, but her house was really cute and it felt good to find this little piece of family history!

From Hollywood, we drove through Santa Monica, then Beverly Hills, then Malibu.  I saw another Tesla dealership!  Wow, 2 Tesla dealerships.  We don’t see those in Georgia!  So anyway, we made it as far as Zuma Beach.  Then, guess what?  THE SUN CAME OUT!  Yay!!!  We finally got to see sunshine in California!!!  We had a wonderful lunch at a hidden gem of a restaurant called The Sunset Restaurant.  It was right on the beach and the food was amazing.  Here’s a clip of the views we saw and check out the neat little critter I saw!

There were amazing houses all around that had full views of the beach.  Can you imagine having a house like this one?  It has its own observatory!!!

After enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful beach views, we started to make our way back into LA.  We hit some horrible traffic as we got closer to the city, which apparently was attributed to Obama being in town.  We made it to our hotel, the Hilton at LAX.  We drove to the bowels of the parking garage (six floors down!  I secretly hoped there wouldn’t be an earthquake while we were down there!) and left our beloved rental car for the last time.  *sigh*  We liked that car and realized we drove a little over 1000 miles on it!  Our room at the Hilton was nice, but the coolest part was the view of the airport.  We got to see huge jet airplanes take off and land…a view that was even more beautiful to watch at night.  We had a light dinner at the cafe in the hotel, explored the grounds a bit, and went to bed early.  We were getting up at 4:30 in the morning to catch our early flight back to GA.

10/23/10 – Would you believe the shuttle to the airport was completely full at 5:15am?  It was, but our ride in was uneventful and timely.  Perfect!  However,  no info on our Airtran flight was posted anywhere.  We found our gate, thank goodness due to David’s Droid.  Yay for smartphones!  As we waited at our gate, we heard a muffle announcement that business class seats were available.  David jumped up to the gate agent and got us upgraded right away.   As a result, we got were able to get on the plane first and were able to deplane first when we arrived back in Atlanta.  We needed to get to the kennel asap before they closed.  We got our car and drove like crazy up the Braselton and made it with a little time to spare.  With our doggies now back in our possession, we headed…HOME!  We had a wonderful, amazing trip, but nothing beats being home and sleeping in our own bed.

Next up?  David and I will soon be taking a short trip together the the John C Campbell Folk School.   This should make for an interesting write-up…. 🙂


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