California Trip – Day 1 – 10/16/10

Splurge-o-rama!  It started with upgrading to Business Class on our flight to L.A.  As a result, our flight out west was quite comfy and nice, except for the damn Soduko in the in-flight mag that I couldn’t solve.  Grrr.  The next splurge?  Upgrading our rental car to an Infiniti G37.  I didn’t think this would be worth it, but you know what?  It was really nice (and one of my favorite color combinations…ice blue exterior and light grey leather interior).  It was loaded and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

After settling into our car, we headed to Glendora.  I got to see where David attended (and got kicked out of) elementary, high and christian schools.  Fascinating, considering he’s one of the smartest people I know.  Anyway, I also got to see the houses where he grew up and the In-N-Out burger that he used to hang out at.  In fact, we had lunch there!  For your info, I did not do a double double animal style.  😉

From Glendora we headed inland to Big Bear.  We took a super curvy road, called Glendora Mountain Road.   This is one of the roads that David learned how to drive (aggressively) on.  Now I know why he’s such a good driver!  He stretched the G37’s legs here (No, I’m not posting video of this!).  Even though it was cloudy in the city, we actually got above the clouds at the top of the ridge and could see Mount Baldy.  Here’s a map of the road:

And here is some video of our adventures….cloudy on one side and clear on the other.  The mountains were HUGE and the terrain was amazing.  I loved it!

We even got to see a really neat bird, which we later found out was a Steller’s Jay.  Here’s what it looked like:

Later, as we neared Big Bear, we got to see more mountains and cool trees.  We stopped and took some video.  You can see Big Bear Lake in the background.  Keep in mind that this area is normally a skiing mecca and typically there is a lot of snow on the ground.  We got to see it before that happened…although the news said it snowed the night we left!

At Big Bear, we stayed at the Bay Meadows Inn.  We didn’t splurge here, but we were in a nice, comfy, clean room near town.  It was a really good deal, actually.  Speaking of town, that’s where we went after checking in.  We walked around and ducked into a few of the neat shops.  There was a huge Oktoberfest event going on at the convention center, but we didn’t take advantage of that.  Instead, we hopped in the car and headed for the dam to watch the sunset.  There were several others there doing the same thing.  We were NOT disappointed.  The sunset was stunning.  Here are some of my pics:

While watching the sunset, I could smell a rather pungent, but aromatic scent.  It was a combination of the pine trees and wild sage growing all around us!  I thought that was really neat.  After the sun went down, we headed back to in to town and got dinner at a Himalayan restaurant.  The food was new to us, and we found it to be warm and tasty and it hit the spot.

After dinner, we made a quick run to Walgreens for tissues, Cold Eze and sleep aids.  We both felt colds coming on and wanted to nip them in the bud!  Back at the hotel, we settled in for the night, but I stayed up late writing in my journal.  1am, to be exact, but hey, that was only 10 am eastern time….  🙂

UPDATE: David just corrected me on the time thing.  1am was actually 3am Eastern.  I wrote 1am in my journal, but I can’t remember if that was ET or PT.  Oh well.  Either way, it was obviously time for me to get some rest!!!


4 thoughts on “California Trip – Day 1 – 10/16/10

  1. I’m thoreau-ly enjoying your wordage, Wendy! And also, the knotty Redwood and the views were excellent. Good stuff! If you ever get up to Washington State, you guys need to take a spin on the North Cascades Highway. Beautiful, majestic, twisty and turny alpine cruise…but hey, that’s for some other time. You’re in Cali! Yeah, I think so. Have fun!

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