So why WordPress?

First of all, it has fabulous initials.  WP.  I love ’em!

Second, my friend Gwen uses it, and she knows the tanglings of the web inside and out.  I’m gonna follow in her footsteps!

Third, I’ve got time today.  I’m waiting on the AC guy to come out and fix our air conditioner.  This will probably take alllll day and I do not want to miss him.

Speaking of all day, I’m making homemade fresh tomato sauce.  My very Italian friend, Janine, is going to KILL me, due to the fact that I am not doing it in the proper manner.  I didn’t seed or peel the tomatoes and I’m making it in the crockpot (remember, my AC is out and I am NOT turning the range on!).   I combined ideas from three different recipes to make this and so far it smells good.  

I’ll let y’all know how it turns out!


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