Wind-down Sunday

It’s the last day of our “staycation” and today we pretty much used for relaxing. We actually slept until 8am this morning!!!! Boy, it’s going to be a rough morning tomorrow. Anyway, David made me a wonderful breakfast of mini-pancakes, bacon and eggs. Yum! Afterward we headed to Little Mulberry Park with the doggies. Dexter and Sandy were SO happy to go for a ride and go for a walk! The leaves were changing and it was soo pretty at the park. We actually made our way to the highest elevation of the park. The views were pretty! We also discovered a funky citrus tree. It had small, round, yellow fruit on it that I didn’t recognize at all. I couldn’t pick any because the thorns all over the thing were pure evil! I opened one of the fruits that I found one the ground and it definitely smelled citrus-y. I didn’t taste it for fear I didn’t know what it was that I was tasting! Come to find out, it was a “Flying Dragon” fruit. It is of the lemon family. I ended up finding a cool website called Concrete Jungle that gave me more info about the Flying Dragon. Concrete Jungle “…is a volunteer-run, Atlanta-based organization helping to distribute unused food to the hungry. Our organization receives almost all of the food it donates from the hundreds of residential fruit and nut trees growing in the Atlanta area. Most of these trees are untended and ignored, with their bounty being wasted to wildlife while only miles away many poor and homeless struggle to include any fresh produce in their diet.” How cool is that? I bookmarked ’em and asked to follow them on facebook. Maybe I can volunteer for them sometime. That would be cool! Anyway, we ran the dogs quite a bit as you can see from the below video.

They were soooo happy!!!

After our lovely time at the park we headed home and had lunch. Afterward, David took a really long nap and I went to sort through all my work email. Yuck. It took a few hours, but at least I got it done. Tomorrow will be a tiny bit less hectic than normal. Then I spent some time outside with the doggies and took pictures of the flowers blooming in our backyard. Believe it or not, we have one rogue baby sunflower that is blooming. It came from our birdseed. We have a couple nearly wild roses blooming too. Also our wonderful, fragrant tea olive is blooming as well. So pretty!

Tomorrow is back to reality. This week is month-end so it is going to be BUSY. It’s ok. Without work I wouldn’t have been able to go on vacation anyway! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wind-down Sunday

  1. We happened upon the flying dragon plant today in full fruition. Thanks for going to the trouble to identify it and help the rest of us!

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