Staycation – Day 8!

Today’s adventure consisted of theBruce Weiner Mini Car Museum. What a place! It’s located in Madison, Georgia…east of Atlanta. I’ve been wanting to check out this museum for a while now. It was totally bizarre and fascinating at the same time. There were a zillion micro-cars, tons of coin-operated rides and candy machines, antique signage, cool neon signs, toys, replicas, etc. There was even a whole room dedicated to Dubble Bubble Bubble gum. Bruce Weiner actually sold Dubble Bubble to Tootsie Roll. I’m sure he made a pretty penny and my guess, this funded his wild collection of micro-cars and other interesting memorabilia. Here are some more pics below…just a small sampling of the many cars here.
The Myth Busters would have liked this be-dimpled micro car!

This was David’s favorite car…a 4-wheel Messerscmitt.
Here is a cool Runabout coin-operated ride….Inboard, of course 😉
This was a WIDE micro-car and a massive failure. Number made? One. You are looking at it.
I thought this one was really cute….whitewalls and all.
You are looking at the first Mazda …..ever!
I couldn’t resist this model!!! ❤
A teeny tiny police car!
A matchbox car replica and it actually works and shoots flames!!!! It only takes race fuel!
This one is called a Frisky! lol

A view from one corner of the museum.

After visiting the museum, we drove to Madison. I had been before but David had never visited “The city Sherman didn’t burn”. All the amazing old historic homes were interesting to look at, even just in passing from the car. Some of these houses are tied to some of the historic figures we learned about at the Atlanta History Center yesterday. David actually said he wants to go back and get a better look at Madison and it’s homes sometime soon. Absolutely!!!! Unfortunately, I took so many pictures at the car museum, that I didn’t have any juice left in my battery to take pics of the houses. Perhaps this will be a future post on my blog. 🙂 Tomorrow is our last day of vacay….. *sigh*

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