Vacation – Day 6!

Well, we didn’t really do any vacationy stuff today, but we did get some necessities done! We left around 9am this morning and made our way to Cartersville, GA….a town well northwest of Atlanta. We were in the truck and towing David’s Mustang on the trailer with the intent of taking it to Modular Powerhouse. This was the place that was going to tune David’s new Roush supercharger. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we had a good experience. They seem to specialize in Mustangs and the owner did a great job on David’s car. You can see it in the garage bay in the picture to the left. The whole project took the majority of the day, so we went into downtown Cartersville for lunch.

On the way there, we saw some pretty interesting things. One was cotton fields! How neat! I haven’t seen one of these in a while. I took a quick picture of it as we were driving, so I am sorry it is blurry. I just had to share this though! I also just had to take a picture of this mammoth power plant with HUGE cooling towers. It is the Bowen Power Plant, operated by Georgia Power. It is powered by coal. Get this….in 15 seconds, it can produce as much electricity that a typical home uses in a year. Wild, huh? I thought so.

We had tasty Quizno’s for lunch and ate outside. There are lots of neat old buildings still in use in downtown Cartersville. I love that kind of stuff. The old train station is still there and we even got to see a train go by! After lunch, we headed back to MPH and waited for them to finish up DJ’s car. Here’s a movie of the last dyno that was done on it. Not much to see, but LOTS to hear. It’s a screamer!
I keep telling David that “You’ll shoot your eye out!”. LOL! I sure hope he doesn’t. Anyway, he took it for a couple spins around the industrial park, much to the glee of all the MPH employees. David too. 😉 So we loaded the car back up on the trailer and headed down to Woodstock to visit David’s mom, Mako. We had a nice time hanging out with her for a few hours, and then we headed back home…in rush hour traffic – UGH. It took us two hours to get from Woodstock to Lawrenceville! After getting home, I ran over to work close to 8pm because I couldn’t VPN in (we lost power at work so my computer got turned off as a result). My self-assessment for my performance review is due tomorrow and I had to get it done, darn it. I don’t like leaving things incomplete, so I am glad I got that weight off my shoulders! Now I can rest easy and enjoy our day tomorrow….at the Atlanta History Center! I haven’t been there in a long time, but I remember it was one of my favorite museums here. David has never visited it before, so I am doubly excited to go!

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