Staycation – Day 7!

We did it! As of today, we used all of the passes in our Atlanta City Pass booklets! They were well worth the cost and we saved a ton of $$$ as a result of using them.

Sooo, it has taken us a week, but we are now able to sleep until 7am. That’s LATE for us! We got up, drank coffee and ate breakfast. Even though we woke up “late” we were able to get dressed and out the door by 9am-ish. Next stop? The Atlanta History Center. The last time I visited was probably close to 10 years ago! I remember loving it, so I was very much looking forward to going back. It did not disappoint! David really enjoyed it too. History is fascinating to us and we certainly learned a lot today. I didn’t take that many pictures today (some parts of the museum didn’t allow it), but here are some. The one to the left is actually a QUILT in the folk art section. It was incredibly pretty. I loved the use of color and shading. That must have taken a LOT of thought to piece. We signed up for a tour of the Tullie Smith House at 11am. We befriended and cute kitty by the name of Blackjack in the front yard of the house. He was adorable!

The tour of the Tullie Smith house was very interesting. We got to see wool being spun into thread, an outdoor kitchen, a smokehouse (with real ham hanging in it!), chickens in the chicken coop, and of course, Blackjack stole the show.

Our next tour was of the Swan House. This was quite different from the Tullie Smith House!
There was a big crowd of people that had the same tour time as us. When we started our tour, the other tour guide happened to notice us struggling to hear what our tour guide was saying. We were ok with it, but the other tour guide grabbed us and asked if she could show us around. Um, YES!!!! I guess she saw us having a tough time and the other group didn’t seem to care too much anyway and didn’t listen to any directions. As result, we got out own private tour of the house! That ROCKED. We really enjoyed it and got to learn so much more as a result. What a highlight of the day! Another neat thing about the Swan House was it’s gardens. Here’s a couple of pictures of those. The one on the right had extremely old, well established rose vines growing all around the arches. Impressive.

We wanted to visit more of the grounds, but it was raining out pretty hard, so we headed back to the museum. We went through the rest of the exhibits…spending a lot of time at the Civil War and Metropolitan Frontiers – both were very compelling. There was one thing in Metro Fontiers that I wish I took a picture of. Apparently there used to be an automobile manufacturer in Atlanta called Hanson Motor Cars back in 1917. There were very successful until Ford moved to Atlanta. The plant shut down in 1925 due to the competition. The museum houses one of only two known existing Hanson motor cars in existence! It’s really attractive too. I just Googled it to try and find a picture of it, but none seem to be around. However, I did find where the old Hanson factory is under threat of demolition . I hope the Atlanta Preservation Center is able to save it.
So now it’s after 3:30pm and we are starving! We knew traffic would be yucky on a Friday afternoon, so we hit the road. We went to Ted’s Montana Grill for a very early dinner. We had never been before, but I always heard good things about it. The food was great! David had a green and spicy bison burger with handcut fries. DJ really liked the half sours too. I had bison meatloaf – yum!

What I liked best about Ted’s was the fact that it is very green! They use paper bio-degradable straws, bio-degradable to-go containers, the menus are printed on recycled paper, and they use recycled paper on the table tops as well, among other things. Cool stuff!
Now we are home and chilling out with all of our pets by the fire. David is watching Point Break – he loves this movie ’cause he used to surf at most of the places that the scenes are shot at. Ahhh, my ex-surfer hubby is reminiscing and can relate to all this crazyness! Eons ago, while he was surfing, I was probably shelving books at the old Montville Township Library – lol! I probably would have been very afraid of him back then. ….Not any more.
I am so glad we found each other. 🙂

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