Day 1 of VACATION!

Today has been a wonderful first day of vacation! As usual, DJ (my husband, David Jones) and I got up early. I made him a yummy breakfast (ham, egg and pepper jack cheese on a bagel) sandwich and coffee. Soon afterward he began working on his car to finish up some last tasks on his supercharger install. He finished much earlier than I expected (before lunch!) so I suggested we go OUT to eat for our mid-day meal. SUSHI!!! We went to Niko Niko, a fabulous restaurant across from the Mall of Georgia. An odd meal for such a cold, rainy day? No way! We had hot green tea and Miso soup first which warmed us right up. We then got our Rainbow, Alaskan, California and Supercrunch Rolls. Ohhh boy, were they good!! Here’s a “before” shot (note David’s hand at the ready and the cool candle made of salt:

…and here is our “after” shot (CLEAN PLATES!), along with a pic of our awesome dessert:

Twas a fabulous and filling lunch indeed!!! The dessert was swedish cake roll with mango ice cream, whipped cream surrounded by strawberry “flowers” and a Pocky right in the center. Uber YUMness!!! I had forgotten how good Niko Niko was. We shall be back. Afterward we went to REI where I think every single salesperson asked us (twice) if we needed any help. It was nice, granted, but over the top. I wonder if they are struggling that bad. I love everything at REI but gosh, it is expensive!!! We then went to Publix to see if we could find avocados from California. My husband is from California and only avocados from that state will suffice. Unfortunately, all of their avocados were from Mexico. Close, but no cigar. Being that the day was so gray, cold and rainy, we did pick up some some Duraflame Stax firelogs for the fireplace. They are fairly green (which anyone who knows me, knows how green I strive to be) which I love. In fact, “Duraflame says it has recently switched from using petroleum-based wax to using 100% renewable bio-wax. Instead of cutting down trees to make its logs, Duraflame claims to recycle 50,000 tons of commercial wood waste and agricultural biomass (i.e. nut shells, fruit pits) each year in producing its firelogs.Very cool! What’s even better is that there was a instant $5 coupon on the box. LOVE IT! Here is the resulting gorgeous fire:

Once the fire was built, David gave me an early 5-year anniversary gift! It was a big neat book titled, “The National Parks of America” by Michael Brett. MOST excellent! You see, I have a dream of getting one of those National Park passport books and getting it stamped at every single National Park. Whether that happens or not, I can now live vicariously through this wonderful book full of amazing photographs…and I sit in my comfy recliner by the roaring fireplace. Ahhh. Life is good. DJ had put the F1 qualifiers on TV and rapidly fell asleep by the fire as well. Ah ha! While he is sleeping, I can MAKE him an early anniversary gift! I had bought Knifty Knitters off eBay recently and already made one hat. Surely I can knit one super-quick as David naps! I set to the task immediately. If you don’t already know, David has a big ‘ol head, so I made it in the biggest size I could. I was psyched to use some fab yarn that I got at Big Lots super cheap. Believe it or not, I finished his knitted hat in just a couple hours! Here’s both he and I wearing it.
Not bad, huh? I mean, it’s a little goofy, but hey, I like it and David does too! …and it’s WARM!!! After making the hat and giving it to my DH, we made a nice homemade dinner for the doggies. They are SPOILED, but hey, they are are our kids! Ourselves? We only snacked for dinner after having such a big lunch. Now I am sitting by the fire and enjoying a glass of cab (ok, second glass of cab) while creating my first blog EVER on blogger. It’s neat and I plan on keeping up with it…doing daily chronicles on each of our adventures and fun-ness whilst on our week-long vacation to celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary. I am SO happy to be on vacation with DJ and relaxing and not stressing out about anything. Sometimes, when you go away on vacation, the travel stresses you out. I am happy to be home, warm, surrounded by those that I love…and love me back (cats: Nanny and Charles, dogs: Dexter and Sandy, husband: the amazing and wonderful David Jones). Life is DAMN good for me. I am so incredibly fortunate and lucky!!!! …and thankful too. 🙂

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